Society Computer Use Policy & Guidelines

(These policies are for the use of available onsite laptop for member research)

1. Computer is never to leave the library room unless for repairs.

2. Computer will be kept out of site in a drawer when not in use.

3. It will only be used on a table designated for it in view of security cameras. People will be reminded of this security prior to use.

4. Bags & notebooks, etc. will be stored on a shelf near desk when brought into the library.

5. Lap top will only be signed out for use when in presence of librarian who is trained in its use and this policy.

6. Use will be by appointment unless appointments have not been scheduled - then on a first come basis.

7. Sign out/use will be in hourly increments in a schedule/sigh out book at librarian desk.

8. Usage fee will be $1.00 per hour. Payment is in advance and minimum charge is one hour.

9. If the librarian does the work the fee will be the regular research fee - $20.00 per hour.

10. Computers will be used for Genealogy Research only.

11. Unit will be kept on charger when not in use and stored in a charged status.

12. WCGS will include availability of computer in our advertising as deemed needed and when possible.

13. Changes to this policy will be by WCGS Board approval.

14. Failure to comply to this policy will cause loss of computer privileges and/or Board action.


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